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Catalog of Art for Sale

Click on the photos or links below to learn more about works of art that are currently available for purchase. Or use the PayPal button to purchase work using PayPal's secure server.

Art Fire Line: Fire Pits, Grills + Lighting from 100% Recycled Steel

These have been my most popular creations! The great Bowl O Fire has been seen in Variety Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and Wave Magazine, as well as Boing Boing, Gaping Void, Great Green Goods, collisiondetection, Land + Living, metaefficient, hippyshopper and many others. The Pot-de-Feu has been featured on SlashFood, Treehugger, and Great Green Goods called it the eco-friendly, hip and happening wedding present of 2006." Check out Popgadget and Craftzine for some glowing praise for the CANtern Luminaries.



Most of my sculpture is abstract work but there's always a basis in the real world.


Fences, Gates + Trellises

Fences are one of my favorite things to work on. I love incorporating unusual materials such as stone, copper, mosaic and so on. I also love doing narrative work or finding unexpected design motifs (such as street maps) for a fence.



From the creation of the world's only tile mosaic weathervanes, to fences, gates and signs in which mosaic elements add color to my ironwork, I love to push the boundaries of this traditional artform. My Acrobat Fence was featured in JoAnn Locktov's book Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments.


Bottle Cap Mosaics

These have brought me far more attention than I ever would have guessed. If you'd like to see more examples of art I've done with bottle caps, please check out my portfolio blog. The Bottle Cap Mosaic index page has photos of all the work I've done in that medium. To date, I've made 25 of the fish as well as three larger sculptures which incorporate vitreous glass mosaic along with the caps.

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