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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you don't see listed here, please click on the comments link at the bottom of the post and leave your question in the comment section. I'll email you with an answer asap, and will add the Q+A to this page. I've started the list off with a few questions I expect people will ask right away.

I have a question about Shipping or Returns?
Please read the Shipping + Returns FAQ.

What's your Privacy Policy?
Please read the Privacy Policy. I am very careful to insure that no personal data is collected for any purpose but shipping orders, communicating with people who have asked a question and want a response, etc. All subscriptions or communications can be terminated at any time by you.

Does the paddle really leave tread shaped marks?
Yes, even with a fairly light slap. See what it looks like here. Of course, the longer you paddle with it, the more the marks overlap until the effect is gradually lost.

Is the tire material from used tires?
No. The tire material is brand new retread rubber for tires, but is sold as scrap from the end of the roll. The reason I can say that the material is recycled is because the scrap would normally be either ground up for other products or landfilled.

I experimented initially with used tire material, but was not happy with the lack of tread. Also, the reinforcing wire or nylon was too difficult to cut and because tires curve on both axes, I was unable to get them to lay flat. The retread material works far better for making paddles since it is flat and has no reinforcing wire. See this post for photos that show the difference is used tire vs recycled retread.

Is a sex toy made from recycled material really sanitary?
In this case, yes. The tire material comes straight from the factory and has never been used. The aluminum is cleaned before being used and the handles are brand new. That said, I would not recommend using any part of this product internally. If the paddle comes in contact with bodily fluids during play, cleaning with antibacterial soap or alcohol is probably a good idea.

How do I care for and clean my BadAss Paddle?
The tread used for the paddles is impervious to pretty much every commercially available chemical compound, so there's no real need to worry about damaging it. Antibacterial soap or alcohol are probably the best things to use, but in general, whatever you normally use to clean your toys should be just fine.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Yes. I offer wholesale to retailers and to production companies who produce films or photo galleries. If you would like to place a wholesale order, please contact me.

Can I have a paddle custom made to meet my needs?
Of course! Please contact me to work out the details and pricing.

More Info than you probably need, unless you're a lawyer:
Burning Rubber Terms + Conditions
Burning Rubber 2257 Compliance


Miss Vonn

I am a pro dominia, I would love to set up bad ass paddles on my wish would you prefer me link to you?

Miss Vonn

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